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"I finally made the difficult decision this year to come to terms and tackle head first all of my issues - health wise, physically, emotionally, financially, etc. I was tired and fed up with myself and the direction my life was going so I decided to take action, and filing for bankruptcy was one of those scary decisions I had to make. I researched plenty of lawyers online, spoke with a few and even went to meet one for a free consultation which was horrible. The guy wouldn't even look me in the eye as he was going through my information and basically throughout the entire meeting! I knew I would just be another number to him and that scared me because this is my life and livelihood on the line. I called Lieber & Lieber after doing additional research and spoke to Barbie. What an amazing difference! From the very first call and meeting, Barbie took the time to get to know me, my situation, my fears and worries - she made me feel comfortable and reassured that not only was I doing the right thing in taking ownership over my debt but also that I wasn't alone in the process which is so important. She walked me through every single step of the process and with such amazing attention to detail that I finally could see a light at the end of this long dark financial tunnel. Whenever I had questions about anything (and I had many!), Barbie would return my calls or email me back so quickly with precise, informative answers that truly showcased her knowledge and expertise. She even took the initiative and would call me with updates and progress/status reports which was surprising to me but so unbelievably comforting. What lawyer does that? The day of the 341 meeting, Barbie met me early and prepped me with the appropriate ways to answer the judges questions and reviewed my information again to ensure I was as prepared as possible. She had all the documents and anything/everything that could be needed with her. She was so prepared, and the judges know this about her and respect her for it! She was the only lawyer in the room like that, the other ones were disasters. Some didn't even have their client's basic info with them, I couldn't believe it! And the judge called them out for it immediately.  Also, I had previously signed on to a debt consolidation firm which turned out to be a fraud and tried to take over $5,000 from me. Once Barbie heard that, she went above and beyond what her services should have been and called the company to get my money back. And she did! Barbie is a lifesaver and choosing her to represent my bankruptcy was the best decision I could have made. I am so thankful and grateful to her as a lawyer and as a person. I don't know what I would have done without her.  Thank you again for everything Barbie!!!?
-Darlene, Manhattan, NYC

"I was feeling ashamed, overwhelmed & bewildered by my credit card debt. Especially since I had walked away from a large salary & very successful career just a few years ago to pursue more meaningful, personally fulfilling creative endeavors. With every month I had to pay out enormous minimum payments, the guilt and doubt racked up as well, making me feel like a failure. I knew I had to do something but frankly I was scared to take any kind of action. I was stuck, frustrated, misinformed, not totally understanding my options or even who to trust to help me.I found this site and all these glowing reviews for Barbie after reading one of her clear & helpful responses to someone who had posted a question about bankruptcy.I'm so glad that I reached out to her - she is organized & professional but also incredibly generous with her time. She helps you take action and move forward to complete the process. She's not pushy, she's just an excellent leader - simply determined to get you out of that rut you're in. She put me at ease right away, as she was very interested in getting to know me as a person and to learn more about my personal journey. And she moved me to action. The whole process took mere weeks and just the other day, as we exited the courthouse and she congratulated me - I finally felt a huge weight lifted off me.If I were to give advice to anyone facing the same situation that I was in, I would tell them to take action by calling Barbie, and to let her lead you the rest of the way."
-Kevin, Brooklyn, NY

"Barbie, I just received news from you that my case was discharged and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for an amazing job.  Despite my education and business experience, I went into this process with a high degree of fear and skepticism.  Having just finished a highly litigious four year divorce, I was weary of lawyers and of the legal process, which I came to view as a broken system.  I feared that this would be another stacked-deck that would fleece me of what little remained of a once prosperous life, while saddling me with a mountain of debt.  Interviews with several other bankruptcy lawyers reinforced these fears until I was referred to you by a prominent attorney in another field.  I recognized immediately that you were different; your candor, compassion, integrity, and general concern were differentiating factors.  I took a leap of faith and scratched together the fund necessary to retain your firm.  It turned out to be one of the best investments I?ve ever made.  From the beginning, you were meticulous in both your preparedness and your explanation of the ?process.?  Your approach was proactive, organized, and methodical.  You left nothing to chance.  You made yourself available to me day and night ? weekday and weekend; it provided me with a high degree of comfort in a foreign environment.  The preparation for the ?341 meeting? was thorough and well-rehearsed ? I felt confident going into that hearing.  During the 341, you were professional, yet compassionate in your presentation of my case.  When the trustee raised concern over an issue, you addressed it immediately and were prepared with documents to back-up our position.  You also successfully negotiated with a large and difficult creditor.  By way of comparison, I?ve worked with a lot of highly skilled attorneys and view your acumen in the courtroom as second to none.  It?s worth mentioning that my situation may have been more complicated and required a more sophisticated attorney than the average Chapter 7 filing.  As you know, I had just completed a lengthy divorce, which entailed the sale of a business, the sale of a Fifth Avenue co-op, a career transition, court-mandated payments, IRS problems, and a myriad of other issues.  You were able to simplify these issues and manage them during the process, so they did not encumber our ability to effectuate a timely discharge.  Ultimately, you were able to discharge every single debt ? a total of $238,000.  In addition, even though my case evolved into a highly complex case for a personal bankruptcy, you never once asked for more money; something that is unheard of.  I believe that your general concern for my wellbeing was paramount to your own financial gain.  Lastly, you were wonderful to work with and I am grateful to now have you as a friend.  While I hope that none of my friends or family has to go through this process, it gives me comfort to know that if they do, you would be there to protect them.?
-David (NYC)

"Dear Barbie, I want to thank you for being such a great lawyer!!   One night after many years of ignoring my financial instability I decided that enough was enough. I decided to confront the reality I was ignoring. Searching thru many websites and making calls I found Barbie Lieber. I'm so thankful for that, Barbie did not only talk to me like a lawyer but also as an adviser that opened my eyes to how, when and why Chapter 7 was my option.  Barbie listened and analyzed my situation; I told her everything about my situation with my house and credit cards. The filing process was done within days of meeting, I was impressed how fast and efficient she is.  Barbie prepared me from day one until the last meeting with the trustee. She was always on point with follow ups and responds to calls/emails with questions I had. During the meeting of Creditors other lawyers missed paperwork from their clients and were puzzled about their own cases, not Barbie, she is very thorough, organized and confident. She will definitely be recommended to my family and friends who may have similar situations. I'm so amazed and glad Barbie helped me move out this stressful situation. Thank you for all your help and dedication. I wish all lawyers were as nice and smart as you, hopefully you?ve be able to help out New Yorkers for many years. Take care and have a wonderful year, you just made mine!?
-Danilo, Bronx, NY

"I felt hopeless and buried?until I began working with Barbie! I had consultations with 3 other bankruptcy attorneys prior to contacting Barbie. Each of these consults was very mechanical and lacked personal interest in my case. I read several raving reviews about Barbie (I didn't have time to read all of them)?and decided to contact her. Our first phone conversation lasted nearly 30 minutes. Based on her detailed questions/answers as well as a genuine interest in my complicated situation, I knew that she would be the best. I couldn't have been more correct!
I informed Barbie that I was facing eviction within a few days. In addition to providing me with priceless advice of what/how/when to act, she provided me with impeccable follow-up...to a level that made me feel as if my case was her highest priority.
Having only a few days prior to my impending receipt of a notice of eviction, Barbie worked me into her busy schedule to the neglect of no one's needs but her own. In order to enact an immediate Stay of Eviction, she stayed late at her office (it was nearly 11PM) until the completion of filing my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case. Amazing Dedication! I can't tell you how much relief I felt as a result of the immediate stay of eviction.
As the date of the 341 hearing approached, Barbie stayed in frequent contact with me?both asking and answering questions. I felt confident going into the hearing because of her detailed preparation?preparation that also included a role-playing of what I could expect at the 341 hearing with the Trustee.
On the day of the hearing, Barbie was present and representing multiple clients of hers. One again, in spite of her case load, she provided me with one-on-one attention and a case review prior to our appearance before the trustee.
Prior to my case being called, I was able to witness other cases (clients represented by other attorneys). I was in disbelief as I saw several examples of what can happen as a result of poor preparation. One attorney failed to provide the trustee with necessary documents until the very day of the hearing. Needless to say, that hearing did not go well. Another attorney altogether misrepresented several items contained in one of the affidavits?causing the case to be adjourned. I can only imagine the frustration felt by their client as they'll need to go through that process all over again.
My meeting with the trustee went very smoothly. I witnessed the trustee reviewing my well-written case and (as a result of Barbie's detail) asking me much fewer questions (than other cases I witnessed).
By the way, my case was incredibly complicated and where many attorneys might have taken that opportunity to charge additional fees, Barbie did not.
I guess I could summarize this review by saying?if you choose Barbie, you will not regret it.
Thanks Barbie! I'll never be able to adequately express my gratitude for what you've done for me and my future."
- Joe

"Barbie Lieber was excellent. Because I own a business, my corporate attorney advised me to find a very good bankruptcy attorney if I wanted to keep my business. And I found one. Yes, my case was more complicated than most, but even some of the simple cases were not discharged because of an incompetent attorney.
The trustee was several hours behind schedule the day of my hearing so I heard many cases. Barbie's attention to detail and thorough understanding of the process got me my discharge, and I was able to keep my business.
I interviewed at least 6 attorneys before choosing Barbie. Some of the attorney's gave me information that I knew was inaccurate (there are some very bad bankruptcy attorneys out there). Two attorneys told be to sell my business before I filed because it would be taken from me. However, when I called Barbie, she discussed in length (about 20 minutes) over the phone of how she could get me through the process. She prepared my case so well, the trustee only asked one question, then granted my discharge without me having to surrender my company. The trustee told me that Barbie did an excellent job. Of the 20-30 cases I heard prior to my case being called, it was the only compliment I heard the trustee give any attorney. Several cases were not discharged because the attorney did not complete all the necessary forms or completed them inaccurately.
Barbie is so thorough that she called me over the weekend a couple of times to stategize for the 341 meeting. She was thinking of all the questions that could have been asked of me so I would be prepared. You don't want to sound unsure of yourself in front of the trustee. But because she prepared all the documents so thoroughly, the trustee only asked my one simple question.
My bankruptcy was mostly because of personal guarantees on business debt so my company was being sued as well. Barbie gave me excellent advice on how to respond to these suits without even charging me. That is how much she will go above and beyond for her clients."
- Mike

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