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Lieber & Lieber, LLP treats its clients with dignity and respect.  Barbie D. Lieber, Esq. heads Lieber & Lieber's Bankruptcy Department.  Ms. Lieber strives to offer her clients a stress-free bankruptcy experience, to the greatest extent possible.  She believes this is very critical as clients who have experienced financial troubles are stressed enough.  Ms. Lieber has the ability to offer such experience because of her  24 years of practice as a bankruptcy lawyer, beginning with my clerkship to the now retired Cornelius Blackshear, Bankruptcy Judge for the Southern District of New York.  Ms. Lieber assists both business and consumer debtors. 

Adding to her clients' comfort level,  Ms. Lieber is with her clients from the beginning of the process to the end, including preparing them for and appearing with them at the 341 meetings (which are like court hearings).    All of her clients have direct access to Ms. Lieber through office meetings, telephone conferences and email communications.  Ms. Lieber finds it very gratifying and rewarding to help her clients and offer them a "fresh start" through bankruptcy.   Barbie Lieber  finds that bankruptcy often helps her clients not only on a financial level, but also on an emotional level.  When people are suffering from financial woes, it affects their relationships, including their marriages.  Bankruptcy can help to heal those wounds.  We offer the following services:

Peace of Mind

Some clients fear that their wages will be garnished and are embarrassed that their employers will soon be notified.  Lieber & Lieber, LLP has filed many cases promptly after the notice of garnishment has been served, thereby effectively preventing the garnishment from becoming effective.  This alleviates tremendous stress to such clients.

Other clients have suffered from a bitter matrimonial divorce that that has saddled them with tremendous debt, including attorney's fees owed to matrimonial counsel.  Some clients have operated businesses for years and have invested all of their own personal funds in their companies for years to no avail.  These same clients may have guaranteed the debts of their company.   Lieber & Lieber, LLP has found that bankruptcy can be a safe haven for these clients, who can now move on with their lives without harassment from creditors. 

Many clients are concerned that lenders in the process of foreclosing on properties will be seeking deficiency judgments against them for any balance that may be owed after the foreclosure sale has occurred.  Lieber & Lieber, LLP has successfully been able on behalf of such clients to obtain discharges of such debt through bankruptcy filings.  Now those clients can sleep well at night. 

Other clients, with first and second mortgages underlying their homes,  are devastated that their homes are now worth less than the balance due and owing on their first mortgage.   Some clients cannot afford to pay the debt service on their junior mortgages on their home, including HELOC loans.  Through chapter 13 bankruptcy plans, Lieber & Lieber, LLP has successfully been able to wipe away and "strip off" the mortgage liens of 2nd and junior mortgagees.   This can be done if the home is worth no more than the outstanding balance of the first mortgage.   By way of example, if the home is worth $300,000 and is encumbered by a first mortgage in the current amount of $301,000 and a second mortgage in the current amount of $120,000, the 2nd mortgage lien could be stripped off and voided. This means that after the chapter 13 homeowner emerges from bankruptcy, the property will only be encumbered by the first mortgage and NOT the second mortgage.  That homeowner now has a chance to realize equity on the property in the event that the real estate market recovers.  Further, the homeowner benefits by not having to pay monthly debt service on the junior mortgage.

Lieber & Lieber, LLP has also been successful in modifying mortgage loans on first and second mortgages in bankruptcy.  This is what "Tom" had to say in a thank you letter written to Ms. Lieber after she successfully assisted him in modifying his first and second mortgages:

"Dear Barbie - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is abundantly clear to me that I will never be able to  adequately thank you enough for the all the many ways you helped and supported me throughout the course of my recent bankruptcy filing- and current loan modification – and for all the attendant support you unstintingly brought to bear, time and again, on my behalf. I was, as you may well remember, nothing less than utterly overwhelmed (and, yes, lost) before you took matters in hand in a thoroughly focused and professional manner and managed me through the process. Your level of commitment to my particular case has been so far in excess of any other professional standard I have ever experienced as to be very nearly unbelievable. It has clearly been my great good fortune to benefit from your support and counsel at every stage of the process. On a personal note, the kindness, compassion and patience which informed every aspect of our interaction was as unexpected as it is very, very much appreciated. I experienced a sense of security – in even the most stressful of instances – which I previously thought reserved for only the closest of friends. You are, in short, nothing less than brilliant. In every way. So allow me to close this note as it began …Thank you Barbie, thank you, thank you, thank you."
- Tom

Lieber & Lieber, LLP looks forward to representing all of its clients in the same fashion that it has represented Tom. 

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